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Every company has a story. I'd like to help you tell yours.

I write, produce, direct, shoot and edit television commercials and video marketing for advertising and corporate communications. Start to finish - broadcast, cable, web or dvd distribution - I can make your story interesting, informative & entertaining and tell it with passion, emotion & honesty.
            This is important:   I'm a good listener & play well with others.   
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David Scott Smith Persuasive Communications
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  My story
    I now have a honeydo list!   I am recently married and my wife
    believes everyone should know it, so an update to this bio piece
    is coming.   Really.   No, really!   I'll get to it soon...

  What I Learned Sitting in a Chair
    Polio left him paralyzed but that didn't stop Cliff Potts from creating
    a life for himself and making a difference in the lives of many people.

  Ben & Harry
    At the onset of World War 2, Ben Steele was captured by the Japanese
    and spent years, tortured & starved, as a POW. After the war, young
    Harry Koyama became his student and together they found forgiveness.

  After You've Gone
    Young adults describe the pain & surprise of losing a friend to suicide.

  Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
    Second Chance Homes provides a safe, sober and supervised
    environment for mothers struggling with addiction who have temporarily
    lost custody of their children. "The best prevention for children is good
    treatment for parents." -- Brenda Roche, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  Masterlube - A Good Way to Take Care of Your Car
    From the mission statement: "MasterLube is striving to be globally
    recognized for creating an ideal workplace that empowers people to be
    as good as they already want to be, and influence other businesses
    to do the same."

  Hit The Long Ball
    Drive Farther: Craig Stiles' Twistee System can help you improve
    the control, distance and accuracy of your drive shots.

  What If You Could Package Hope?
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County, Montana, has proved
    very successful at reaching and helping at-risk children.


High Definition Digital Video Production & Still Photography in Billings, Montana
David Scott Smith offers award winning high definition digital video and digital location photography for commercial, editorial and industrial clients in Montana and Wyoming.
Clients have hired David Scott Smith for over 25 years for his ability to communicate and collaborate and to capture people at work, video and stills that are realistic, emotional, story-telling and honest.
All motion & still images on this site are copyright protected © 2015 David Scott Smith
Billings, Montana            david@davidscottsmith.us            406-652-9424
All motion & still images on this site are copyright protected © 2015 David Scott Smith



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